The COMAS vision is to create a suite of interlinking digital modules that support the development and operations management of equitable sustainable communities. This is the result of our work and research with community organizations in minority/underserved neighborhoods in New York City. With a history of redlining and other discriminatory policies and structures, minority and low-income communities bear the brunt of environmental spoilage and degradation, alongside the ever-growing issue of capital leakage - where these communities face rampant disinvestment, and residents continue to struggle with their livelihoods.

While "sustainable" products in the market often come at a premium and underserved communities often have limited access to sustainable products or healthy fresh foods. We believe sustainability and accessibility/affordability should go hand in hand. Utilizing circular systems design, we believe transforming communities to become ecologically sustainable can at the same time bring about greater social and economic equity, and in the long run increase wellbeing for underserved residents.

The COMAS modules cover the management of items and materials [01] following ideas of commons-based peer production, materializing community-owned supply chain systems that focus on community benefit rather than market signals; the management and circulation of resources [02] flowing between enterprises and organizations within a community; reducing barriers for citizens in incubating cooperative micro-enterprises [03] ; breaking cycles of disinvestment in underserved communities and value imbalance of sustainable/community-benefit enterprises via a community financing vehicle [04]; which feeds into community and land resource management which facilitates the management of community land+resource trusts and micro-grid infrastructure [05] ; and last but not least a participatory platform [06] for citizens to democratically engage in community decision making and managing community resources.

Starting with educating citizens in growing food to actualizing citizen-powered peer production of food and other sustainable materials and goods.


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