Meet the team

We are a team of mission-driven researchers, urban planners, designers, and engineers. The concept behind COMAS was developed from 2018 when founders Larissa and Samuel worked on research and advocacy projects on sustainable community food systems and community economic development together when completing their MSc's at Pratt Insitute in New York City. The collective started working together in mid-2020 as a distributed global team, with members mainly from the US, Iceland, and Germany. We are all passionate about the future of sustainable and equitable communities and cities.

We follow a horizontal organizational structure and work via self-organized, collaborative teams with respective leads according to expertise. It is in our mission to experiment with cooperative and democratic organizational systems to lead the change.

Larissa Lai

Founder + Initiator
Sustainable Community Development Researcher & Planner

Samuel Pressman

Founder + Green Lead
Ecological Systems Designer

Jose Luis Holgado Alvarez

Tech Lead
AI Researcher and Engineer

Zane Younger

Research + Grants Manager
Public Health Researcher

Sylva Lam

Interior & Restaurant Designer/Architect

Jenny Fan

UX/UI and Product Designer

Elif Karakose

UX Designer and Architect

Veronica Burnham

Software Engineer

James Kelleher

Data Engineer

Caesar Caberto

Illustrator and Graphic Designer